"Soft" image on lens question

Started Feb 9, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: "Soft" image on lens question

If the OP wants to know wheter or not image quality differences justify spending more on high end lenses there is no substitute for personal testing. Individuals vary considerably in their ability to judge any differences & in the value that they assign to any perceived differences.

As has already been pointed out there are several factors which affect real & perceived differences of image quality of which sharpness is just one parameter. Emphasis is given to sharpness & resolution because it is probably the most easy to measure & quantify. Other issues such as the quality of bokeh are more easy for some to spot but are not so amenable to accurate, reliable measurement.

Finally comes the thorny issue of judgement of value for money ....... It is a relatively easy matter for those who are well off to generously praise the quality & worth of , say , Zeiss lenses but the poorer amongst us take a lot more in terms of convincing evidence.

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