Good book on flash photography?

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Re: Good book on flash photography?

Optical1 wrote:

I picked up the FL-600R when Oly had their accidental sale in December. I'm somewhat of a newcomer to flash photography, and I'd like to read up on technique before the spring. Any suggestions?


3 best places/books to learn (where I learned most of what I know now):

1. Neilvn blog ( Neil mostly discussed Nikon and Canon gear, but the basic of flash photography is still the same. He has written 2 books about it which I own: on-flash ans off-flash photography. I strongly recommend to read his blog to start. His style is mostly combining TTL and manual flashes.

2. David Hobby ( He mainly uses manual flashes only. I found his blog is useful if you have some knowledge about how manual flash works and its jargons (key light, fill light etc).

3. Joe McNally books, one of my fav book is The Hot Shoe Diary. He relies on TTL mostly (probably mix with manual sometimes). The problem for you as Olympus user is his book mostly discuss the feature and the behaviours of Nikon CLS system. That means it may not be relevant for non Nikon users as their own system behaves differently. (eg. Canon uses ratio while Nikon uses flash compensation between different flash groups) However, many of things he mentioned are system-independent.

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