Overexposing V Underexposing

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baobob wrote:



These are 2 ref that explain why and how you can avoid noise in shadows

That said the Fuji X's produce very little noise anyway

So nowadays this applies for the few shots where deep shadows are important

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I think it is always a good idea when possible to expose to the right (very important not to clip highlights). There is much more data to the right and when adjusting tones you'll have much more flexibility.

Say, for example, your shot has 5 stops of dynamic range. Say also, the tones are evenly distributed (though this is not necessary, just easier to picture). Even if you want your midtones to be at neutral grey, you are better off shooting it 1 stop over exposed (manual exposure or exposure compensation) and adjusting in post. This will move you highlights from +2.5 to +3.5 but not clip them. You will then have much more data across the entire range with which to make adjustments (think curves adjustments or levels adjustments).

I have experimented quite a bit with this and in certain circumstances it is astounding and in others it hardly makes a difference.

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