Canon G15 or Fuji x20

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Re: Canon G15 or Fuji x20

Disclaimer. I don't have either of these cameras, but I use a Fuji X-E1 and an old Canon PowerShot A720.

As the X20 is not released into the wild yet it's still a bit of an unknown quantity. The specs are very similar between the two cameras (the sensor sizes are not seriously different) and for me it would be down to money and personal factors.

My choice would be to go for the G15. It's smaller than the X20 -- about the size of my A720 which I have in my shirt pocket right now. If you want to shoot RAW it's better supported than the X-Trans sensors in the new Fujis, although I hope that will change. It's about £200 cheaper.

The optical finder on the X20 may be more informative.

Styling-wise, if you want something that could be mistaken for a Leica or Contax then it's the X20. If you want to be inconspicuous then the P&S look of the G15 merges in with all the other happy snappers.

I'd suggest looking at the specs and the test results for each to see if any particular requirement of yours is not met. And read the comments -- typically they will be from owners of other cameras from the same maker.

Also look at this forum:

and see if you can find a Canon equivalent. Sometimes the specialised forums get more honest, outspoken comments than the ones where the enthusiasts are concerned about the 'image' of their marque.

Finally, you might want to start looking at replacing your DSLR. What can it do for you that a top-range mirrorless won't?

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