DP3M Poll: Who's interested?

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Yes I know I can shoot models with an LCD...

Harold66 wrote:

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

I prefer to shoot landscapes with longer lenses anyway, so the longest lens I can get is better for me.

I actually also think it will be a great lens for shooting models, even if it is just f/2.8 and not a wider aperture... and it would eliminate the need to carry a macro lens on the SD-1 also.

Do you honestly think that one can shootmodels with a LCD only model.

the dp3m would make waaaayyyy more sense if there was an optional EVF.

I know I can shoot models with an LCD, I already use the DP-2M alongside the SD-1 for shooting models:


As many have seen that image, here's something more recent - a runway show shot ONLY with a DP-2M using the LCD:

(Full set)



I read through the followup comments and have a few points to make along these lines:

1) It's not hard to tell at all how you are framing on an LCD.  Even in sunlight the DP-M cameras have decently bright screens that you can see pretty well.  That has not ever been even close to an issue for me and I am very picky about exact framing.

2) You have so much resolution that even if you can't see well, just shoot a wider model camera and crop a bit (some of those runway shops were cropped).

3) Shutter speeds even with the longer DP-3M should not be much of an issue.  Lots of people shooting models use flash, but even without a flash (I personally try not to use flash unless totally necessary) outdoors you still can get good shutter speeds, and runway shows (like this one) usually have really bright lights - falling back to ISO 400 or 800 (as I did for the runway show) yields shutter speeds that are quite acceptable for handholding (like that shot which was 1/500).

4) If you really need a bit more stability there have been a few posts now about the devices that clamp on the rear LCD and let you use that as a viewfinder.  That to me is even better than the very tiny EVF's that other cameras have (yes I have seen and used them myself).  I do plan to get one to see if it really adds some stability, but I can do OK without.  They also add enough bulk that the model doesn't wonder what the hell you are doing shooting with such a small camera (had a few models ask why I was also shooting with the tiny DP-2M).

5) Also I have lost OVF's before.  You can't leave them on the camera all the time because they get in the way.  An external EVF is so small, I can see them getting lost or destroyed all too easily.

EVF's are cool, I think Sony has finally delivered one that is usable unlike all previous EVF's I have ever tried.  But they also add a LOT of expense to the system, and as we see they can be lived without quite well.  I think Live View is a really important feature to add to whatever DSLR comes along from Sigma next, but EVF is a luxury the DP-M line can do without for a long time.

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