SB-N5 pathetic excuse for an external flash?

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Re: SB-N5 pathetic excuse for an external flash?

cyuill2007 wrote:

I am going to be a dissenter here. I think the SB-N5 is fine, as long as one understands it has limitations. The direct flash is fine as long as the subject is not too far away from the camera. I have found the tilt/swivel feature to be quite useful; but it has to be used in the right venue, such as a regular living room or kitchen in a typical house. I like the results I have been getting from mine, although I will admit that I don't try to use it in situations that would tax its capability.

My bone to pick with this product is the regular price of $159 or so. I bought mine on sale for a more-reasonable $99, which I think is fair for this product. I would be very reluctant to pay more for it.

I paid regular the Swedish price for mine (over $200), but I love it! When aimed forward it is a bit harsh, so I made a reflector (a bent piece of white foam, roughly 5x6"/120x150mm), that fits on top the flash, so it gives a softer light (works like an mini umbrella reflector).  Aimed forward (with the reflector on) the SB-N5 works well for 'macro' shots. I normally use the 30-110 with close-up lens on, or the AF-S 70-300 VR, with the same type of screw-on lens on - I use Canon, but there are other brands!

Occasionally I use the SB-N5 simply to trigger other, heftier, flashes. Works very well ;-)!

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