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Aleo Veuliah
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Re: Thanks for your effort, and a small question.

Paul De Bra wrote:

I fully realize that it takes up your valuable time to do moderation. I was asked to moderate the Fujifilm forum just when I was moving to m43 and abandoning Fuji so I declined (or you might say escaped...).

Yes it took me some time, but as I work on computers too (besides photography), I am more active when I have to stay at home, doing remote assistance and other things. And it is also good to distract me a bit, I do it for pleasure so no worries.

I am not a complainer so I almost never hit the complain button but I do get mildly annoyed at the by now many postings that contain absolutely no information about m43 because it is just people showing small size images of where they have been with their m43 camera, without any information in the images or the text that makes anyone any wiser about the capabilities or possible issues with any m43 gear.

So perhaps it is possible to either have something in the forum heading or in a regular form of posting to keep forum visitors alert that this forum is not the "look where I have been shooting with my m43 camera" forum but that the forum is about the camera (and lenses). Maybe you could even make people aware that when it's the photos and photo opportunities and techniques that are the topic and not the gear dpreview has around 10 forums dedicated to those topics.

In every posting I look for information about the m43 gear and it's a pity that many threads that are started here (and that are not marked as OT) do not say anything about the m43 gear.

That is a difficult issue indeed, and I agree with you, for now the best to do is to post and say to people what is right or not right. I can speak about this with the Admins and moderators and see if they can find a good solution for this problem.

Must of the people that do that are unaware of what they can cause. Only a well thought new rule can minimize that. Other thing I will try to do is to advice users to mark the threads as OT, or even edited my self those titles and put the OT, with a moderation note that is a facility we have when editing a user post. I have edited some when they don't put the URL addresses in the right way to be clickable.

Thanks again for you moderation efforts.

Thank you for your opinion. when this thread is finished I will send it for some Admins to read, to see if they can find ways to improve the forums somehow. I know that they will improve the moderators tools, I don't know what priorities they have and if that will take some time.

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