Are you concerned about Nikon longterm?

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Re: Are you concerned about Nikon longterm?

I was given a Nikon shortly after ditching all my Canon equipment to switch to Mamiya/Phase One medium format, and I have to say: "What the hell are they thinking!?" The user interfaces are awful, the button layout (and labelling) is awful, and every camera has a HUGE glitch or overlooked flaw somewhere in its body (D600 dust problem, D800 green-hue screen issue, D7000 back-focus debacle, etc.). I know I've got no evidence, history or even reason behind this dream, but I sincerely hope Pentax (and I guess Ricoh) get back on their feet, buy out and dissolve Nikon. Again, I know it will never happen, but Pentax has to have by far the best user interface, the best array of features for the price/class and, if you've seen what they did with the K-5 using exactly the same sensor as the D7000, you'll agree: The best image quality. They blow Nikon out of the water every damn time. While Nikon constantly assumes they need more megapixels at the expense of image quality at anything over base ISO, Pentax (like Canon) sticks to image quality and user-friendliness above all else — even if Canon cripples its own cameras' resolution with very, very heavy AA filters. Sometimes two.

But I digress.

I know Nikon's pretty popular outside of North America and Western Europe, but I also know their whole array of mirrorless cameras are complete rubbish aimed at people who want to look good with their cameras rather than make good-looking photos with their cameras. Their incessant push for more resolution at the expense of all else is crippling their image quality (if you don't believe me, just check out the Studio Comparison Tool, under Sample Images above, and look at the Nikon D800E, D3200, Pentax K-5IIs and Canon 6D in RAW at ISO 3200 and look to the shadows, neutral greys or the little globe next to all the pencil crayons). But I don't think they're going away any time soon. They're made for people who want to go take pictures and be seen with their cameras, rather than the other guys who make cameras for people who want good, high-quality photos at the end of the day. There will always be a market for both.

As a side-note, this has been a short trip into my opinion. Yours may differ, and I appreciate that. Thank you.


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