K-01 settings for Jpegs

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Re: K-01 settings for Jpegs

Hi, this is a difficult question to answer because (i) it is subjective (you may not like the look that others like) and (ii) the settings will vary with subject and lighting conditions anyway.  You may want to turn up saturation, contrast and sharpness to give a landscape on a cloudy day a bit more 'pop': but the same settings would probably be quite inappropriate for a portrait, for example.

May I make two suggestions:

(i) shoot a series of pictures yourself of a typical subject, systematically changing one setting at a time.  It'll take an hour or two probably but then you will know for sure what the effects of the settings are and what you like best.

(ii) try RAW.  It really is no more complex (in fact at the shooting stage it's easier as you don't have to worry about any of the jpeg settings) - and then you can adjust the saturation, contrast, WB etc. settings at your PC screen.  There's no difference between turning up the contrast in-camera because the light is flat to get the jpeg right, and playing with the contrast slider on a PC screen afterwards during the RAW processing stage - except that in the second case you can see exactly what the effect will be.  And if you shoot some RAW + jpeg test pics you will be able to see for yourself quickly if you can produce something that you like the look of better than what the camera does.

Best wishes

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