Am I crazy? Considering selling my RX100 and getting a Panasonic LX7 or Canon G15.

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Re: I switched.

Ray Sachs wrote:

photo perzon wrote:

Ray Sachs wrote:

I switched from the RX100, which I also found "great but grating" to an LX7 and am having a lot more fun with it. The RX100 has an amazing sensor and very small size and not much else. The LX7 has a much nicer lens, overwhelmingly better controls and interface, and a more comfortable size (if ultra small size isn't a huge priority). Between the faster and wider lens, the easily switchable multi-aspect sensor, the aperture ring and other controls, the ability to switch quickly and easily between auto and manual focus (and remember your last manual focus settings), I find the LX7 an overwhelmingly more enjoyable camera. I think the RX100 is undeniably better in low light at the wide end - other than that, I'll take the LX7.

I gave the RX100 to my wife. She leaves it in AUTO and snaps away and loves it. But if you want to interact with your gear more than that, it's a maddening camera.


But Ray the Sony RX1 has the same controls and interface and a warm following.

What is it about the Sony that gives it inferior controls and interface?

Personally I like the Leica X1 dials and the similar X100(s) dials. I like dialing speed and aperture. I'd even like an ISO dial.

we're not talking about the RX1, which I'm sure we'd consider if this was a discussion of full frame fixed lens, nearly $3000 cameras. I like those controls better to. I like the X10 a lot and will probably like the X20 more. But for interface, features, and controls, the LX7 pushes all of my buttons, the X10 pushes most of them, and the RX100 pushed damn few And I liked it less and less the more I used it. This is not a universally held opinion, but it's a loooong way from a unique one.


It sounds like I'm following the same path away from the RX100 that you trod! It just doesn't feel a well-rounded camera to me now I've had experience with its shortcomings. I started a thread on its poor image stabilisation, and had someone from these Panasonic forums post a link to an LX7 thread showing a successful 1/2 sec handheld shot. And here I was struggling to get 1/15 sec on the RX100!

The poor macro performance doesn't really concern me much as it doesn't really affect my photographic needs, but the increasing softness towards the edges of the frame really does bother me.

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