Things I need to say as a MOD. / Opinions are welcome.

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Re: Things I need to say as a MOD. / Opinions are welcome.

Aleo Veuliah wrote:

Sometimes is better to lock a thread that delete it. This will avoid further now welcome discussions.

(Perhaps) your use of the term "now" is a typographical error ? What did you intend to write ?

Their exists a distinct problem regarding ambiguity of intended message (by the responsible moderator or administrator taking an action) when a thread is deleted, locked, or moved.

If the member who published a post(s) that led to such actions being taken is privately informed (by a moderator or administrator), that is a good thing - because it demonstrates moderator or administrator accountability for the particular action taken, and (desirably) also provides a moderator or administrator explanation for the particular action taken.

However, (due to the existence of Forum Rule #2), that information cannot be publicly communicated to any other members. As a result of this unfortunate situation, the vast majority of members and readers may well have no specific idea regarding the identity of the moderator or administrator who took such an action, or (equally importantly) why that moderator or administrator took such an action.

Whereas deleting a thread removes all comments by members who posted to the thread, locking a thread allows some members to have commented, but does not allow other members an opportunity to comment. Moving a thread to another forum without public notice can and does cause memebers to think that a particular thread has been deleted - when it has not been deleted.

There may exist members who wish to continue to discuss some of the subject(s) raised in a deleted or locked thread - but without information provided to members by the responsible moderator or administrator, members often have little or no specific idea what may have lead to the action taken.

In order that DPReview members be able to understand the specific root causes of such moderator or administrator actions, it would be a very good idea (and would be a reasonable and coherent policy/procedure) to provide a public moderator/administrator notice (posted on the affected forum) whenever a thread is either deleted, locked, or moved to another forum.

Without such procedures (involving moderators/administrators publicly communicating with members and readers) being followed, little may be learned from (and thus accomplished by) such actions.

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