Lighting Kit for Pet/Food/Portraits/Event

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Re: Lighting Kit for Pet/Food/Portraits/Event

This is just for fun, right?

I'm a dog photographer, and I don't know what documentary pet photography is.

But maybe it is something like a day in the life of Twinkie and it includes indoors and outdoors and a ride in the car and a visit to the swimming pool.

You should think about whether you understand the evolutioon of photography well enough to integrate pictures that move with your still images.

And pictures that move require constant light.

I've never seen flash bother dogs or cows, but only the slack of braininess shoot machine gun shots of animals.

With studio lights, you get constant illumination from the modeling lights, so they are often a good bet.

When you pick a studio flash, this will mean you need to pick one with bright modeling lights, which may mean Alien Bees are out. I think each model has different standard modeling lights, so it is worth checking.

FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY. Are you talking about so probably fuzzy snapshots of what the waiter brings in some restaurant, or are you talking about  real food photography. If the latter, your photo school teachers can make suggestions. Beginners don't do food photography; the food rots before they get the shot.

If I was doing snapshots in restaurants just for fun, I'd use a camera-maker hotshoe flash on the end of a off camera shoe cord, and probably a Gary Fong cloud model Lightsphere. I'd just hold the Lightsphere over the food. The cloud model provides softer light than the clear one.

Using flash with moving horses is pretty difficult. The easiest way is to pump a lot of light into the arena, covering a large area, so you can take a couple of shots as the horse moves. The farther away the light, the less the falloff. But the farther away, the more you need power to get adequate illumination.

And you need a small aperture so that the flash freezes the action and the ambiant light does not allow for the exposure of blur.


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