Am I crazy? Considering selling my RX100 and getting a Panasonic LX7 or Canon G15.

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I'm amazed at the prices on not too old m4/3 bodies like the Panny GX1 and also the 1" sensored Nikon System 1 V1. You can actually get a prime lens + body for about the same price as your RX100. That's what I'm looking into right now.

The OP was asking about a single-lens camera. The LX7 is inexpensive and I have a very high satisfaction with it, for what it is.

Sometimes, in some cases, you can produce technically superior images with a more expensive interchangeable lens camera, but they have lots of frustrations. The m43 cameras are plagued with shutter shock problems which cause image blurring, while the LX7 just works the way it's supposed to, I keep the OIS on all the time and it works the way it's supposed to.

The LX7 actually has less shadow noise at lowest ISO than the lousy sensor in old m43 cameras. Really, if anyone is going to buy an m43 camera, I DO NOT recommend getting any except the ones with the latest sensors like the E-M5, E-PL5, and E-PM2. And if you buy the latter two, don't expect the in-body image stablization to work correctly. And don't expect to really get better low light ability unless you also buy a fast prime lens, which is then going to make the camera that much more expensive than the LX7 and also limit you to just that one focal length when the lens is on the camera (which isn't necessarily that bad, but it's a limitation).

The LX7 is a bargain for $400 or even $300 sometimes, and you would have to spend two or three times as much on an interchangeable lens camera system to best it.

It's a different buy, entirely, to buy m4/3 with a fast prime. Having a zoom lens is clearly a different experience. However, it appears to be a solution for indoors shooting that many many people use, whether APS-C or even FF. I wasn't suggesting it was the same as the LX7, just a solution that I am looking into for shooting kids indoors. If you incidentally shoot my kids sometimes in addition to doing lots of other photography, the LX7 can certainly do it. If you are a children's portrait photographer or even amateur, you clearly wouldn't buy a compact to fulfill this need. I'm just saying that for the importance I place on it, I need a camera at another level.

Don't want to hijack this thread, but I was actually expressing hope in m4/3, rather than expertise on this subject, so I appreciate your input. If you don't mind, could you give an idea of what is wrong with the older bodies like the GX1, which isn't all that old? I only see glowing reports from m4/3 threads, and I genuinely want to know. You're right if the newer bodies are the only good options, then it's a whole other price point, and frankly I would probably just buy an APS-C $1000 body + $200 fast prime.

Look at the camera sensor ratings at DxOmark. The Panasonic sensors are barely better than compacts and have poor dynamic range, which means shadow noise.

And fast primes don't focus well on APS-C DSLRs. If you want to shoot a fast prime, go with m43 or NEX.

Thank for the interesting debate, guys!

Just to give some background to my decision making, I have actually previously owned a Micro 4/3 and Sony NEX. The thing is I found is that I was never going to be someone who swapped lenses. I take mainly family photos, and I am never going to go out with 2-3 primes and be deciding what lens to use, swapping lenses etc - not to mention the price.

Then when these fast compacts came along - G15, LX7, RX100 etc - I decided what was the use in sticking with an interchangeable lens camera if I'm just using the kit lens? Sure, they have the advantage of a much larger sensor, but that's largely offset by the slower kit lens. In the end I just  decided I would be better off with a premium compact that was easy to take out with me wherever I go, which was how I ended up with the RX100.

However, my initial enthusiasm for the RX100 (largely generated by early reviews) has been dampened somewhat by the shortcomings I have come across - so much so that I'm actually rather disappointed in it now and want to move on to something else.

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