Why Haven't Japanese Companies Learned From The Likes Of Apple?

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Why Haven't Japanese Companies Learned From The Likes Of Apple?

Multiple threads about firmware udpates on the XP1, XE1 & X100 for "missing" features that can easily be implemented by software, yet there is nothing more than deafening silence from Fuji on these things.

Emailing them the standard response is "We will pass this onto your development teams for future models"

It's infuriating when you've put money into a system and have 1. no idea what their life cycle is but 2. always expect that as soon as a new model is released pretty all to any support in the current model is dropped, this is fairly common in the Japanese electronics world. 3. virtually no proper PR communication on their reasoning for omissions and bug releases are normally just silent put out there. 4. Simple improvements that could be done in software are just left to a new hardware release in line with the philosophy of "monozukuri"

Enter Apple, now they take on feedback (mostly) they do communicate (mostly) their reasons for not including support for things like adobe flash. On top of that Apple are clearly always developing and you can usually be assured that a new iphone will be released every year. You can get communication back in English vs poorly translated Japanese.

Apple understands what the Japanese don't and that is that software is just as if not more important than the hardware itself, the iPhone 5 is current yet the iOS system works on everthing right down to the quite old iPhone 3gs still offering most functionality albeit with some limitations.

Now there are plenty of articles discussing why the Japanese have lost their electronics crown and the common theme is all the same.

I've said before the Japanese can build and design absolutely unbelievably brilliant high quality hardware, but in the software game they are struggling. When is the last time you (aside from games) you used a Japanese software package? SilkyPix is a good example of how the Japanese are really miles behind in the software side of things.

Fuji could quite potentially extend the shelf life of the current x-series cameras and continue to make more money and sales but it seems they either don't want to or don't understand.

If it's down to money they would lose on hardware sales how about adopting a business model of charging a small fee for optional software upgrades/improvements demanded like focus peaking ?

I love the X system its fantastic and I want it to have a long term future but it's let down by "small" silly things, without regurgitating what's alrady been posted a billion times on here but just something simples as only 1 assignable soft button whereas there's a 4 way control button system that is just sitting basically wasted whereas a simple few lines of code could make it work.

Fujifilm FinePix X100 Fujifilm X-E1
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