Things I need to say as a MOD. / Opinions are welcome.

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Things I need to say as a MOD. / Opinions are welcome.

Greetings to all.

First I want to say that I am the same person and act the same way being a moderator or not. I will not change my opinions just for having the Mod on my user name. Thing that I have appreciated for transparency, it is good that users know who are the moderators.

I use Dpreview for a long time since 2001 when I had other user name, but I decided to change for my real name and this account was made in 2008 when I moved into Micro 4/3 System. I always try to be friendly and I never had an ignore on my ignore list.

This Micro Four Thirds forum is one of the best on Dpreview and people in general are friendly and useful to each others and to the new members. Of course that with lot's of users and post's, things sometimes can warm up a bit, but I think the users behavior here is not bad at all, I hope it will stay this way for many years.

What I will try to avoid:

  • Ban a user. I think some deserve this but is a thing that I hope to not have to do many times.
  • Delete post's. I have already deleted some when there are real complains and when I see any kind of offenses or trolling on purpose. It is better to delete them than ban, this way things usually calm down.
  • Deleting post's with complaints without a real reason, or complaints for personal reasons between the users. That is why we have the option to ignore complaints.

Things I need to clarify:

  • First the Off topic issue. This is a very sensible rule, because on all forums users build friendship and they like to say things even if they are off topic, because the forum is the place where they like to communicate and not always they have to show or say things only about the forum topic, and they will not go to other forum where they don't feel so at home to post those OT issues. I will be sensible to that, because some off topic threads in fact are good and can contribute to good information about photography and they could be helpful. Of course this does not apply to some kind's of OT threads like asking on Micro 4/3 if a Nikon D800 is better than a Canon 5D MkII. I think I made my point and all understand what I said. If you have doubts before posting a useful off topic thread please send me a PM first. (I also know that the majority of the moderators are sensible to this off topic issue)
  • The complaints. Please complain but wisely, complaining wisely is a good help to us moderators and admins. If the reason to complain is severe send a PM too explaining well your reason for the complain. This is really helpful, I already have deleted a post containing an URL address that linked some pictures to malware sites, and the user that have send me the complain had the computer infected. I have checked the URL and the user was right. (I have not banned the user because it have not done it on purpose, it was a google search of images, google should take care of this but they not). I have discussed this with an Admin and he said I have done the right thing. But if I see something done on purpose I will ban permanently.
  • When you have to say something with humor and not to offend, try to make it clear that you are just kidding a bit. This will avoid many misunderstandings.
  • Please avoid to use words a bit harsh to the more sensible ones. (words like idiot, stupid, and others)
  • If you feel that a moderator have been really unfair to you, feel free to send a PM to an Admin explaining your reasons.
  • Sometimes is better to lock a thread that delete it. This will avoid further not welcome discussions.
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