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Phooey -- galleries still misbehaving; I'll add examples direct

TERRIFIC thunderstorm right overhead here in Vunakabi Village in the Gazelle Heights, Rabaul, New Guinea Islands. Typical wet season storm. Rain pouring down as though the sky has fallen. It was findand sunny this morning, it's 2.34pm now, and it will probably be fine again in half an hour.

That's the tropics. Now, to business:

Hen3ry wrote:

My main camera is an E-PL3 (I have a Panny FT4 for underwater and rough). I run the Panny 14 on it as my "standard" lens (back in the day, I ran the f2 28mm as my standard on the OM1). That’s a pretty good wide. Good and sharp, focuses at warp speed in virtually any light,. and very importantly in day to day use, allows the E-PL3 with VF2 fitted to be pocketable in my fishing vest I use for photographic carrying.

A couple of examples:

Dawn, Medina Village, New Ireland. instant focus, of course.

Flash with a longish shutter time to get some mogement into the lights in the background to add a bit of drama. Worked like a charm. This is a tropical island nightclub with appropriate lighting -- the 14 focused instantly; the Oly f1.8 45 struggled to focus in the same situation.

I also have the Oly 9-18 mainly for professional work (among other things, I photograph guesthouse, lodge, and motel interiors for websites), and that is very good too, although I would pretty much settle for a pancake 9 or 10mm if it were available. A couple of examples:

An interior with the 9-18 at 9. Well n open interior!   Barrel distortion corrected by the Kekus Lensfix CI plug-in in PhotoLine (PS compatible plug-in for Mac, PT Lens for Windows is a sister program). Lensfix doesn’t have most m43 lenses., but applying the fix for the 9-18 43 lens works fine! Which maybe tells us something (I don’t know what).

I'm a bit fond of sunsets!    This one with the 9-18 @ 9 @ Rye, Victoria, Oz. This lens is a bit better than the "good" label applied by the Pannh 7-14 fanciers, which says nothing about the 7-14 lens.

Further, I have the 14-42 II R kit lens. This is much, much better than is generally thought on this forum (I remember when I first came on the forum being amazed at the denigration of the Panny 14-45 which had come as standard on my G1 -- I thought it a great lens although I would have oike a stop more, particualry st the long end, and said so, and so did others. Now you see it universally praised. Lots of people automatically downgrade a lens when it is kit. I believe the current Oly 14-42 is as good as the 14-45).

My crude testing (the picket fence across the road) suggests that at 14, the 14-42, 9-18, and 14 are all pretty much on par, with the 14 maybe having a slight edge but you would have to be very picky to see a difference in general photography.

FURTHERMORE -- you can get the WCON for little money and turn the 14-42 at the f3.5 14 end into an f3.5 10/11 lens. And with pretty good quality too. Some distortion, but it is simple curve and correctable in a moment with any PP software.

Here’s an uncorrected one (I liked the way the distortion emphasized the appearance of the already sagging fence):

Lensfix does have corrections for the m43 14-42 which work well even though they are not specifically for the lens with the WCON attached.

Cheers, geoff

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