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Re: That's no answer at all / nt

If my camera is working I have no reason to upgrade to the latest camera, just not worth it to me. Not to mention my FZ150 is much fun, that I forget there is an FZ200 out, and that a new one may be coming out soon.

Do you have the FZ200 or FZ150, or both?

The FZ250, if released this year, will be available sometime around October.

Unfortunately, and quite likely, while it may advance the FZ200 in some ways, it almost certainly WON'T have any manual lens rings, and almost certainly WILL have a 16-18MP Panasonic sensor.

The GPS, Wifi and more iA garbage, will likely come at the expense of decreased IQ, less battery life, more complexity, more weight, and possibly lower build quality and reliability.

I won't put money on it, but I'm comfortably confident in my assertions.

I've said it before, the FZ200 may well become the modern equivalent of the FZ50, as a "classic".

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