Would this damage the lens barrel?

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Re: Would this damage the lens barrel?

chironNYC wrote:

Question: I have a hand strap on my 5d3 that attaches at the bottom of the camera in the tripod socket. The result of the attachment is that there is a largish protuberance on the bottom of the camera. When I put the camera body down, the body is higher than normal and it tilts forward so that there is constant pressure on the front of whatever lens is attached. If the lens that is attached is longish, I assume the pressure on the front of the lens would be greater.

My question is whether over time this is likely to loosen or otherwise damage the barrel of the lens. I am thinking of the kind of thing that reportedly happened to the 24-70L Mk I lens--that the barrel would develop a bit of looseness and droop over time, decentering the elements and degrading image quality.

What do you think?

I think the lens mounts & barrels can easily handle this for other than long-term storage. The composites used in the lenses are not subject to deformation, unless the conditions are quite extreme, well beyond what you've described. I would do it without hesitation or worry, just my .02.

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