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Re: Fuji raw files (X20)

andrbar wrote:

I'm a Nikon user (D90 and P7100) and Im eagerly waiting for the X20 to hit the shelves. Being a VF guy, this is the first high end compact camera with a really usable VF (I mean with shooting info displayed in the VF). Even if with only 85% coverage, it's not perfect, I've been waiting for it for years.

Hmmm ... I would take a modern EVF over a tunnel OVF (even one with shooting info) any day. And modern EVFs have had shooting info for years.

SOme are even small enough to be as portable as an X20 ... (once you need a case ...)

But, I'm also a raw only shooter. I know fuji jpegs are excellent, but I like to play with raw files, and adjust the result to my liking.

You can, and you will. Fuji and RAW are not the happiest partners since the new sensors came out (EXR, X-Trans) ... but their JPEG engines are first rate. So many don't even bother with RAW.

I've read all the threads about the Fuji in camera converter vs Silkypix, which is, I suppose, the converter provided to Fuji buyers to convert their raw files.

Doesn't actually make that much difference ... even Silkypix finds it difficult to even equal the JPEG engine.

So, I'd like to know what exactly is wrong with Silkypix? Is it the RESULT, or is it the WORKFLOW?

Both. The user interface is medieval and you would probably be happier with the JPEG engine's output generally.

I'm asking, cause I've read that the in camera converter does a very good job, but is, of course, akward to use, as soon as you have several files to convert (not withstanding the fact that you're working on the camera LCD).

I suppose the in camera converter is provided to Fuji by Siljypix? Do you know about that?

If that's the case, the full version of the SW should give even better results that the in camera one.

Please enlighten me about that.

It is not clear yet how the X20 in camera conversions will work. For example ... until people can test the production models, how do we know which firmware will dominate -- the X10 firmware, or the X-E1 firmware? We have the body of the X10 and the sensor of the X-E1 (shrunk down) so it is a tough call as to how it all fits together in the new model ...

I have CS5, and I know ACR, while fast, does not convert the Fuji raw files correctly. I tried it (version 6 of ACR).

In my opinion, if you like ACR then you will not enjoy Silkypix to use. And I also doubt that you will like the difficulty with which Fuji RAW files go into raw converters in general (the 1/2" EXR sensor is a bit better, but still challenging.)

But again, the JPEG engine is pretty superior.

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