Canon 50mm F 0.95 lens

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Hi Chez,

Thanks a lot, you are an absolute life/money saver ! I had not even heard about the 40/0.85 ! Now I am going to follow that and check out the noktor as soon as I can

I am right now thinking seriously about 85/1.2, but I am not in a huge rush to buy one !

Thanks a lot once again !



Chez Wimpy wrote:

PreetinderBajwa wrote:

1. Is it worth getting this lens over the 50mm 1.2, in terms of bokeh and picture quality ?

No. Any TV lens is hardly going to win in picture quality against a dedicated SLR lens.

2. Is the price fair at USD 2700 ?

For the 50/1.0L maybe... but for a legacy TV lens? Not even Zeiss commands that kind of price.

3. Is the rangefinder or is the TV version the rage/ the one with the dream quality ?

Rangefinder 50/0.95 is the "dream lens"

BTW I saw the 50mm F 1.0, also which was ridiculously priced at USD 6575/-.

Which probably explains the pricing of the TV lens...

Hope to get your thoughts and inputs to help me save money or making a right investment !

Save your money. There are other, much cheaper, 50/0.XX lenses for APS-C on mirrorless. In fact, one of the more interesting lenses is the upcoming 40/0.85

Then there is the highly regarded Noktor, which you can get somewhat cheaper without the rangefinder coupling.

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