NEX6 External Mic

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Re: NEX6 External Mic = ECM-XYST1M

In all due respect, your post is very stupid.

macsoft3 wrote:

since the NEX 3 and 5 you guys all know, that SONY does not put all its eggs on one basket.

I do not understand what is all the fuss about.

There i no one camera that has it all. When my NEX 5 was stolen and i had to upgrade, from all the NEX models I thought: what is important for me in a camera?

I do movies a lot. So MIC INPUT is important to me? yes. is if more important than wifi? yes. the i got the NEX 7.

Should i now be sad and post sobbing posts about my NEX 7 not having wifi?

So why all this posts about no MIC IN on the NEX 6?

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