Using a Lens to reduce Moiré

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Re: Using a Lens to reduce Moiré

Tom Schum wrote:

I wonder how much vibration occurs when ultrasonic sensor-shake cleaning is taking place? Is it in the unit pixel range? If so, it might be possible to test this idea with a firmware change to any camera that has the capability.

Another possible advantage would be that the area of coverage for each pixel would increase, that is, if the sensitive area of they typical pixel is 50% of the pitch, vibrating the sensor at one half pixel deviation would increase the area of coverage to almost 100%. This does not mean the sensor area would be any more sensitive though, just that it would have some sensitivity to all the light hitting that part of the sensor pitch instead of only maybe half that area.

If the ultrasonic frequency is high enough (30KHz?) there would always be several cycles during during any exposure. If the movement of the sensor exceeds 1/2 pixel, blurring might result of course.

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Tom Schum

I believe the fill factor of modern sensors with micro lenses is approaching 90% or better so the sensor movement would probably need to be about 1 pixel wide. Probably about double that for a Bayer sensor. It would result in blurring but that's the purpose of AA filtering.

I think the ultrasonic cleaning only shakes the cover glass, not the entire sensor.


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