If People want a Pentax FF so bad.. Go buy a 645d ??

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Dave wrote:...

I'll leave you with one last thought. You keep mentioning Nikon's D800 as a more suitable FF alternative. It's not! Do you own one and shoot with it for extended periods of time?


It's actualy a more specialized camera that needs not only impectable techniques like a 645D but also lenses that are abolutely the best available.

Absolutely untrue. You need no special techniques or lenses above and beyond what you did and used with a lesser-resolving DSLR - this is largely a myth.

If you want to maximize the D800's potential, you may want to pay close attention to technique and lenses, but you don't have to do anything different to simply get better results than before.

"Better" does not require "maximize", and "maximize" is often a very small delta from "better" anyway. People get confused about this issue a great deal.

Also - it's not a 'specialized' camera in any way, it's a very general-purpose DSLR which can be used for everything, with fantastic results, with many, many different peripheral options. I'd say the 645D is an incredibly 'specialized' device. (and that's fine, not knocking it for that, just pointing out that it's probably not the best choice for a general-purpose DSLR even if it had cost the same as the D800.)


.. Do you realize the extensive test some have done to determine the inadaquacy of most lenses with the D800 if you want to do something moderately substatial with it's image?

No, please share one of these tests!


It's a poor choice to recommend for many with regards to a full frame DSLR. The D600 is more appropraite and I'll say more "below".

The D600 may be more appropriate simply because it's less expensive, and yet still offers fantastic resolution, dynamic range and color. (It's not more 'appropriate' because 24MP is significantly different than 36MP as far as technique and lenses go, if that's what you were implying.) The D600 is basically a D7000 with a 24MP FF sensor, same build quality and feel as D7000 (below that of the K-5,) it's AF isn't the best, the points are fewer and clustered in the middle... It's a great value, still, IMO.


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