What really Qualifies for NSFW ??

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Re: Guess you didn't read my previous reply...

DaveKaiPiper wrote:

am not saying the internet in general.. I am talking about here.... btw.

You are talking specifically about posting to DPReview forums.  DPReview has a set of rules, posted at  <http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/forum-rules>.  Note Rule 11, which says:

"Nudes / sexual content. Please do not embed such images in your messages. If you wish to bring a gallery of such images to people's attention, please just post a link."

This would appear to clarify what your options are... but it actually is ambiguous and leads to a problem that you are tripping on.  The above rule requires a bit of interpretation by Moderators (volunteers), and the Admins (staff) have given some fairly clear directions on how that should be done.  The intent is to avoid overt sexuality on DPReview forums. That inlcudes text as well as images.  The point is not how to draw a line in the sand, it is maintaining a good reputation for DPReview forums amongst the many an varied readers.

That said, anything in an article that causes unaware readers to be embarrassed unnecessarily is to be avoided.  Nude images might do that, and it is just as true that links to nude images might also have the same effect.  In both cases we tend to accept that if it is clearly marked as NSFW it is okay within certain guidlines (no full frontal nudity even if it is marked, nor anything that is overtly sexual).

That is the way DPReview is run.  If you choose not to at least make an effort at meeting those guidelines you can expect to have problems with moderators who might edit or delete your articles, and if you persist it is possible they could ban you for short periods of time or even permenantly.

(Be aware that nudes will be less appropriate in equipment oriented forums, and more acceptable in places like the Portrait and People Photography forum.  I am a moderator for that forum; and the above discussion is applied there.)

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