SEL16 versus SEL16-50 @16

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Re: SEL16 versus SEL16-50 @16

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GaryW wrote:

I only looked closely at the f3.5 shots, and they both look decent. It'd be hard to choose a winner unless they are side-by-side. I might give the edge to the 16mm if forced to choose.

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Gary W.

Let me repost them next to eachother. That would make more sense.


I should have done this in the first place. I am going to go out and shoot the blizzard tomorrow. I am on the coast in Maine. I will use these two lenses again and try to get some more shots to add to the discussion.

When I pixel peep, I cut out 100% crops and paste them into the same photo so I can REALLY see it together!  It's rather a pain to do this and then upload to the web, I know.

Not sure what some here are complaining about, when it comes to the 16-50.

To me the 1650 looks sharper in the extreme corners (look at the first pair, the wood pattern in lower right corner) sharpness seems comparable.

I agree, they are both similar, but at f3.5 the corners of the 16-50 are definitely better.  The extreme corners are the weak spot of the 16mm.

I wonder how the 1650 stack up against other 24mm (35mm equiv) lenses. People are quick to judge while pixel peeping, but in practice I suspect you will only see a difference on huge prints compared to say a Canon 24mm L-lens. Sure the 1650 has more aberration, but they can be corrected digitally, and then you get this amazingly compact lens.

Yeah, I think these lenses really have raised the bar pretty high.

I haven't got the 1650, so thanks for uploading the comparison btw. got the 16mm with fisheye adapter though, lovely gadget and so much fun.

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Gary W.

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