Canon 6D - Most versatile landscape camera ever made.

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Re: Canon 6D - Most versatile landscape camera ever made.

acassino wrote:

I want to thank Johan01 for the thoughtful and objective post that started this thread. The quantity and quality of useful information was very high and I felt the opinions were thoughtful and balanced. Thanks, Johan!

I am glad some other folks were able to pick up the ball and get things sorted out in this thread. I just gave up when people stopped reading what I was actually typing and calling me out for providing correct information, that they felt was false.

I think a lot of confusion happened here because some folks refuse to understand what the word "VERSATILE" actually means especially when related specifically to "LANDSCAPES". A camera with high levels of versatility does not have to be the best at any one category. It has to be the Swiss Army Knife of cameras, not a bazooka. The 6D can do everything and more than any other camera available today. That is a fact. When trying to be adaptive and creative in capturing rare moments, it is more important to get the shot at all, rather than NOT get the shot because your gear is compromised in one or more categories. That is why the vast majority of professional landscape photographers (myself included) don't use prime lenses and have a good imaging machine with zoom lenses that can adapt to anything and still be portable. The NEW SCHOOL style of landscaping is to find rare and difficult to capture moments. We're no longer in the days of setting up a huge LF camera and going click once, without any ability to move quickly for changing conditions.

What many people got stuck in their brains is that I somehow was claiming the 6D to be "BEST CAMERA EVER MADE!". It isn't for general purposes outside of landscapes. And is definitely lacking in sensor quality to the D800, but not enough to ignore all the other high qualities of the 6D. Dynamic range and MP are easy factors to overcome.

If the 6D is NOT the most versatile landscape camera ever made, why has no one mentioned a single camera that is? Hmmmm....

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