D800 - Using the mic input as a line input

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Re: D800 - Using the mic input as a line input


sorry for answering so late: The specs of the H1 indicate a rated output level (probably the maximum output level) of 10dBm, which equals a sine wave of 2.45V rms. You can reduce the output voltage to 1V rms as required for a D800 sensitivity setting of 1 using the volume buttons, and won't need a pad. However, there is some chance that not setting the volume to maximum degrades noise performance of the H1 (cannot tell, don't have one). In that case, a pad would be better. Instead of buying something clumsy and bulky, small 3300 Ohm resistors can be inserted in the connector at the camera side (less noise pickup) of the cable between wires and ring / tip. This, together with the camera's input impedance of 2200 Ohms, should be all that is needed to reduce 2.45V to 1V. I have not tried this, though.

Best, Otto

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