If People want a Pentax FF so bad.. Go buy a 645d ??

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Re: If People want a Pentax FF so bad.. Go buy a 645d ??

Dave wrote:

I've stated this in previous posts quite some time ago. I assuming you're referring to both the D800/e and 645D. If so, I owned both and have used both extensively. When two camera's appear in static web sized image shots, even at 100%, it's a far cry from examining both the images and the impact they make when printed to very sizable print sizes.
Each camera and system has it's advantages and disadvantages. The Pentax relies on many legacy lenses but oh how inexpensive many of these lenses are and almost an entire system and array of lenses can be purchased for the price of one-two Nikon top of the line lenses...which are required to get the same level of performance as some of the sub $500.00 legacy lenses.
Of course each system should be used in applications that best benefits use of each and that's why I use both. Specs and stagnant web images are but a fraction of what any system is capable of, image quality wise. That's why the Leica S and S2 appear to have similar specs to the 645D but in actuality and in large format prints, I can say unabashedly, that the Leica and especially the lenses outperform the 645D...and I've compared both by shooting each side by side.
Too many arm chair quarterbacks. Pick up each, use each in a whole host of circumstances, make large prints of each...then a well informed discussion can be made comparing the virtues of both.
If not, I bet future cell phones with 12-24mp, would run rings around any future 24MP Penatx DSLR and lenses and be a fraction of the cost....so it may be prudent to divest of all your lenses. and equipment now.
Oh by the way, I've also been shooting Pentax 35mm SLR's and DSLR's since 1975.

I'd say that's great for MF needs(large prints etc). Though I'd point-out that my post was in response to the thread title: If People want a Pentax FF so bad.. Go buy a 645d ??

And the answer is of course that it makes no sense whatsoever for anyone to invest in a 10K body with lenses when FF solutions such as the D800 are in our midst.

Having said that, I've printed 1:1 crops(RAW) from both the 645D and D800E and found no differences between the two in terms of spacial resolution, contrast, color etc. And so I'm thinking the D800E would suite most anyone longing for a FF camera at this particular time. To which I'd add, does the 645D hold any advantages? Probably... though I wasn't able to substantiate it in any of my own tests though I'm sure a regular MF shooter will found otherwise.

PS. there was a test performed several months ago where the D800E was put up against a Hasselblad H4D40 at which point the Hassi won on numerous points. However, what really stood out for me was how easily the D800 files could be adjusted to match the tonal range(skin tones) of the Hassi. Which was one of the harder driving points of the review. In any case, I'm not trying to derail this thread into some FF vs MF debate as I'm sure the implications run far deeper than I'd care to consider, though the fact that a $2800 can even enter the realm of a MF solution is sufficient for consideration. And so I guess there's that to consider.

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