Fatal Lens Error message in new SX50

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Re: Fatal Lens Error message in new SX50

Martin87 wrote:

evan47 wrote:

get a nikon instead!

Nikon superzoom cameras have bad optics, hence the bad IQ. A friend of mine bought Nikon 20-30x zoom camera (I don't remember the exact zoom) and there were tons of chromatic aberrations and very nasty corner softness.

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Really Martin? And your reliable source for this? Fact is that Nikon makes a very good power zoom/bridge cam..just as Canon does.

OP: are you certain your battery is fully charged? Was the lens cap on when you tried to power it up? The SX50 has a very good reputation, but entirely possible something is wrong. A exchange is easy. Enjoy the camera..it's one of the best bridge cams (along with the Panasonic FZ200, Nikon P510, and for some, the Fuji HS30).

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