Nikon D5100 f stops and lenses

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Re: Nikon D5100 f stops and lenses

I agree, If I was not a camera nerd I would assume that if the lens fits it would focus... Especially when a great deal of Nikons advertising hype was about how long they have had the F mount and how many lenses will fit (f100/F5 days)

Anyway, I bought the 5100 on a whim and it bit me as well.... I assumed since it mentioned manual mode on the feature list and I could see the M on the dial I could shoot video in manual... Not so

eddyshoots wrote:

nfpotter wrote:

Sorry, but I have to disagree. Like I said, I was new to all of this 3 years ago, and the reason I decided on the D80 was largely because it had an internal focus motor, and it wasn't as it I had to do massive amounts of research to reach that conclusion.

Of course you do, many folks here feel the same as you. Yet I'm not sure I believe what you say about not doing massive amounts of research to reach that conclusion. If you bought your first DSLR three years ago and it was a D80, you were confident enough to buy used or at least something end of life cycle. You have over 3000 posts on a camera gear read, write and think about cameras much more than the average person. Like me, you get a kick out of finding great deals on cameras and lenses (like $8 for the 50mm 1.8 AFD which is awesome by the way). I imagine you did some reading into the used lenses you investigated. You are quite clearly not the average entry level camera buyer. What you or I consider reasonable research would be considered mind numbing to a significant percentage of the population. It is perfectly reasonable for a consumer buying a Nikon DSLR to assume that a Nikon lens will work properly on it.

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