New Epson r3000 prints darker than old Epson 4000

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Re: New Epson r3000 prints darker than old Epson 4000

Leon V wrote:

My solution to same problem.

I too have prints from my R3000 that are darker than those viewed on my calibrated NEC 2690 monitor. My monitor intensity (brightness) is set to 80 cd/m², and cannot be set any lower.

So my solution, when I use Photoshop, is to put a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer at the top of the layer stack. When I am working on a photo or illustration, I have this adjustment layer turned off. When I print this image, I turn this Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer on before printing. I found by printing a test image at several brightness levels, that a brightness of +50% makes the printed image match the image on the monitor when the adjustment layer is turned off.

For printing, I make the image brighter on the monitor than what I want, then the R3000 gives me a print that I want.

Leon Feigenbutz

I do the same thing as Leon.  My R3000 prints a little dark and I lighten it up a little just before printing to get the image I want.

I have my monitor calibrated with colormunki/photo, but I have had a rough time getting the printer calibrated with colormunki/photo.  I have talk to tech support at X-rite and they said they have some problems with Epson R3000 and windows 7.  That it doesn't show up on some machines and on some it does, guess I'm one of the lucky ones.  They told me to print the test patterns to a PDF file and then use Photoshop to print the PDF files as I was unable to get colormunki to print the patterns.  I did this and created a profile  and when I use that profile the skins tones have a blue cast to them which I don't have when using the profiles from the paper manufacturers.  I sent the profile to x-rite and they no longer answer my e-mails or return my phone calls.  I have been chasing this problem since the 1st of January.


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