how to get sharp image from corner to corner?

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Re: how to get sharp image from corner to corner?

emd5 001 wrote:

Or at least most of the picture.

You have to show your picture. General discussion with no picture sometimes does not yield fruit because the person is asking about some scene that we did not expect.

I'm shooting Jpeg for now, what are the recommended settings if there's one? I've tried A mode, and shoot a stationary subject from F1.4 all the way to F4, I stopped there because the ISO indicator would then start to flash (at about 2500-3200).

ISO 200 but you MUST have enough light so that your shutter speed is not slow like 1/100 - it depends on the lens you are using.

f/8 just as a guideline. Smaller number for this purpose (not other purposes) not as good in general.

When zoomed in to the max, the focus spot would be acceptable, but if I was to go to places around the edges, near and not all the way out mind you, I can see it's not as sharp as the focused spot.

When you look that close, you are seeing zits that normal viewing of your photo is not that critical of. When you have center vs edge, edge will generally be less sharp but we make heaps of photos every day and normal viewing doesn't matter.

Metering is set to ESP, and focus area is set to all 35 focus points, but manually touched to the center, this is with the EM-5.

It depends what lens you are using. It depends on the scene / picture. Show us the picture

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