Am I crazy? Considering selling my RX100 and getting a Panasonic LX7 or Canon G15.

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I don't think you should bother to switch

2eyesee wrote:

I have a Sony RX100, and while in many regards it is a great camera, there are a couple of aspects that are starting to grate with me, and I'm seriously considering selling it and getting either a Canon G15 or Panasonic LX7.

I made a detailed post over in the Canon forum explaining all and I'd really appreciate the comments of any LX7 owners:

I thought this was probably tidier than making a duplicate post here - thanks.

While I do think the LX7 has better evenness across the frame, it doesn't lose as much sharpness in the corners, I don't think that alone is worth the effort involved in switching cameras.

Although, that's a warning to everyone not to assume that just because a camera has a bigger sensor and more megapixels doesn't guarantee superior image quality. The lens on the RX100 obviously had to be compromised a little to make it so small. The LX7 lens is much larger even though it has a smaller sensor.

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