Wide lens of choice?

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Re: Wide lens of choice?

Dylthedog wrote:

So my question to DPR people is how have you found the 12mm f2? Are the Photozone samples representative or not? Anyone got the and the 9-18mm - if so, what's your view?


Bought a 9-18mm about a year ago, was underwhelmed.  Exchanged it for the 12mm, which I absolutely love.

The color rendition, microcontrast, detail, etc. in the 12mm is just remarkable.  I don't use the lens all that much, but every time I do I am just amazed by it.  If I had to narrow down my lenses to a couple of primes and a zoom, this would be one of the ones I kept.

I'd post a couple of shots from it, except the DPR gallery selector seems to be not working at this moment...If it comes back up later I will post them then.


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