In praise of the Oly 12-50, mostly

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Re: Yup - I agree.....

There seem to be a steady supply of 12-50's on eBay in the UK which seem to be ex E-M5. They seem to end up at pretty diverse prices and I missed one real bargain because I was driving at the time. I bought the wide angle converter in the end but it is not as convenient as a 12-50 would be.

Ben Herrmann wrote:

When I picked up an E-PL5, I also wanted to get a 12-50, but couldn't see paying the $500 price they wanted for that lens. Then I came across a posting on another dedicated m4/3 forum for a 12-50 (new) that came part of an E-M5 kit. The owner didn't use it (or want it) 'cause he also purchased a bunch of primes. Anyway, I bought this 12-50 for only $230. But I'm glad I did 'cause this copy (I acknowledge that there are copy-to-copy variations among most lenses) turned out to be superb. And it's stayin' on that E-PL5.

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Have a great one....
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