Wide lens of choice?

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Re: Wide lens of choice? -- how wide is wide and do you want zoom?

My main camera is an E-PL3 (I have a Panny FT4 for underwater and rough). I run the Panny 14 on it as my "standard" lens (back in the day, I ran the f2 28mm as my standard on the OM1). That’s a pretty good wide. Good and sharp, focuses at warp speed in virtually any light,. and very importantly in day to day use, allows the E-PL3 with VF2 fitted to be pocketable in my fishing vest I use for photographic carrying.

A couple of examples:

Hmmm -- they might have to come later, the Gallery won’t connect right now.

I also have the Oly 9-18 mainly for professional work (among other things, I photograph guesthouse, lodge, and motel interiors for websites), and that is very good too, although I would pretty much settle for a pancake 9 or 10mm if it were available. A couple of examples:

Here we go again, connection problem to galleries.

Further, I have the 14-42 II R kit lens. This is much, much better than is generally thought on this forum (I remember when I first came on the forum being amazed at the denigration of the Panny 14-45 which had come as standard on my G1 -- I thought it a great lens although I would have oike a stop more, particualry st the long end, and said so, and so did others. Now you see it universally praised. Lots of people automatically downgrade a lens when it is kit. I believe the current Oly 14-42 is as good as the 14-45).

My crude testing (the picket fence across the road) suggests that at 14, the 14-42, 9-18, and 14 are all pretty much on par, with the 14 maybe having a slight edge but you would have to be very picky to see a difference in general photography.

FURTHERMORE -- you can get the WCON for little money and turn the 14-42 at the f3.5 14 end into an f3.5 10/11 lens. And with pretty good quality too. Some distortion, but it is simple curve and correctable in a moment with any PP software.

Here’s an uncorrected one (I liked the way the distortion emphasized the appearance of the already sagging fence):

Oh no, still a connection problem. I'll post later.

Cheers, geoff

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