Why is the body open?

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Re: Why is the body open?

Also worth pointing out that a flat piece of glass at the rear of some lenses has actually been the cause of an optical problem ( a bright spot ) from the reflection of light from the sensor onto the flat rear element and back onto the sensor.

In any case that opening doesn't cause half as many problems as people think.  It's an advantage !

Cameras which are sealed ( like the RX-100 ) still get dust in them via other routes.  As you can't remove the lens to clean the sensor there is no easy way to deal with that.  On an system when you can remove the lens you can easily get at the dust with a simple rocket blower or more elaborate method.

It's like having a car with a sealed engine.  Great if nothing goes wrong, but think of all the simple things that can be fixed by the owner just by popping the hood !  ( Someone said they didn't like sports car analogies, so please note this is not specific to sports cars ! )

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