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jonrobertp wrote:

"explains why I like zone AF."....that has my interest big time. How and when have you used it ...so that it beat single focus point...especially at the sides. (or top if shooting vertical).

And, would it work well (or better than single) in a small group of ppl, where you want to focus on a guy in a dark suit (all ppl dark clothing in a dim room...ie 6400 iso , 2.8, 1/50 sec...)

I think that you are trying to decide on paper what's the best by reading technical... Forget all about the technical, what's the best... Take photos then learn what works for you. The only way is to take photos. I have learned my 7D through making thousands of mistakes and trying to figure out how to make it work, including the exposure, the focus, the flash... If there's an error possible, I have done it including forgetting to put in the CF card, which is why I have set the 7D not to allow for the taking of photos w/o the card in. Malcolm Gladwell said in the Outliers that it takes 10,000 hours to learn to do something well. Think about 10000 hours of making photos, not on forums, playing on the computer, Internet but making photos.

For me, one of the greatest strength of the 7D is its customization.

All cameras have its strengths and its weaknesses. My job as a photographer is to use its strengths and go around the weaknesses to make the photos that I want.

Please note that I don't do group of people with dark clothes in dark rooms at ISO 6400, I use the flash, and I'm getting good at using the flash like this photo:

No green reflective eyes, flash + ambient fluorescent. One light bounced and the color balance was fixed in Lightroom.

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