Laptop for Photography Advice... Budget $2500-$3000

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Re: Laptop for Photography Advice... Budget $2500-$3000

surve wrote:

I'm confused.  Exactly what View Sonic system are you talking about with 100% sRGB coverage?

A model number and link to it would be appreciated, as the specs you're mentioning don't appear to have anything to do with a system like that, as those specs appear to be for a Toshiba model using a lower resolution 1600x900 screen instead of a 1080p display (with fairly low brightness compared to most newer screens, judging from the 200NIT rating).

I confess that I haven't read all of the posts in this thread yet.  But, the system specs you just posted appear to be from a far inferior system on the surface (at least as far as the screen is concerned).

So, I'd be interested in the laptop model you're referring to with a nice 1080P IPS display and 100% sRGB coverage (as that's pretty rare from what I can tell).

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