OK - I've got 2 stupid questions...are you ready?

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Ben Herrmann
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OK - I've got 2 stupid questions...are you ready?

I'm going to ask the following 2 questions 'cause I'm experiencing one of my daily occurring "brain-farts."  So please bear with me and if you have to poke some fun in jest, please do remember, that I may be empirical proof that Neanderthal man may very well have mated with Buffalo....  I may post this on several forums to ensure I get a response.

OK here goes...

1.  Regarding smallish sensor sizes in enthusiast models.  I'm confused here.  Which is the larger sensor - a 1/2.3" variety or this newer 1/2" variety that Fuji is now putting in some of their very long zoom enthusiast cameras?

2.  With regards to White Balance choices - if I'm in an indoor huge hall and the lighting is composed of those large Sodium Lamps - and I want to set my WB to a preset setting, which is the closest - Tungsten or Flourescent (or others)?  OK - so you may respond with, "well, why don't you just do a custom WB?"  In the event that I can't do a custom WB reading (no grey card or white sheet), what would be the safest way (closest, most accurate way) to go in regards to presets?

OK - I got those out of the way, so any answers would be appreciated (well, true answers that is).

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Have a great one....
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