Am I crazy? Considering selling my RX100 and getting a Panasonic LX7 or Canon G15.

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Kids on LX7

I noticed you mentioned that you have little kids that you want to photograph, but I should mention I have been told many times in dpreview forums that P&S are inadequate for capturing indoor low light photos of kids at high IQ levels without the use of flash.

If you want to shoot kids indoors on the LX7, I have it in P mode at 1/125 min shutter speed to freeze motion, P mode always shoots wide open at f/1.4, and it is set to auto ISO where it usually selects ISO 1000 at night. This is like my own customized auto mode. The contrast detect AF of the LX7 is really top notch, I am finding, and Panny is reputed to have the best CDAF system out there. I am always reading in these DSLR reviews about focus hunting issues, and personally, I have never experienced that with the LX7 indoors. Indoors with normal dim indoor light, my LX7 always nails the focus and fast without shutter delays as long as I use center point AF. (Facial recognition AF is slower). So I am very happy with the AF speed for toddlers. Oldest one isn't 3 yet, so maybe as they run faster it will push the limits of the LX7 more.

While I love the LX7 for its strengths, I don't think kids indoors at night is one of its strengths. ISO 1000 is not a particularly clean shooting ISO for the LX7. And since I feel duty bound to get some award winning keepers for posterity that I can be 100% proud of without any compromises, I have actually been looking into adding another camera. The LX7 is more of my all around portable cam that I throw in my pocket no matter where I'm going.

I'm amazed at the prices on not too old m4/3 bodies like the Panny GX1 and also the 1" sensored Nikon System 1 V1. You can actually get a prime lens + body for about the same price as your RX100. That's what I'm looking into right now. Getting a sensor as large or larger than the RX100 but paired with a good prime lens, not just a slow kit zoom lens probably with all kinds of compromises built into it. Hopefully that will fill my needs with photographing my kids. And if it doesn't, I may end up in the APS-C world at some point. Size doesn't matter to me because I use it at home mostly. At well lit outdoor events I could use the LX7.

Is this your only cam or is this your pocket cam but you already have some others? Don't feel like you have to drink everyone else's coolade for any camera. I am a super big fan of my LX7, but I am going to use it where it fulfills my needs. For me as a relative beginner, I found that once I became willing to own multiple cameras, these decisions got much easier. It's not about finding the perfect camera as much as it is finding the suite of cameras that fulfill your spectrum of needs. The perfect camera just doesn't exist.

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