Anyone use these little OPTECH strap doohickies?

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Re: Anyone use these little OPTECH strap doohickies?

Robin Casady wrote:

olakiril2 wrote:

Most of the time I shoot without a neck-strap so I wanted something that I could remove very easily.

I ended up getting these $4 S-biners that work great with any strap. You can also attach them on one of the body connectors, or on the base-plate. They have a rating of 5 lb each, so 10lb in total, but somebody did some testing on amazon and claims they can handle at least 55lb without deforming. I can tell you too, they feel really strong.

Have you read the reviews on Amazon? People are complaining that things fall off of them.

Yes i did, and indeed it does not sound good.. but that's why I didn't suggest using it as a key-binder! It does a much better job when not inserted in a pocket..

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