Canon Professional Service Free coupons for Check and Clean?

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Re: Well, looky there

Colin Smith1 wrote:

CameraCarl wrote:

What did the repair receipt say that Canon did to the 500? I'm curious because I'm tempted to use my certificate to have my 500 looked at. Also, when you sent in the 500mm lens, did you send it in its case or package it well by itself?

I sent it in the case. If it is functioning normally, I would suggest you save the postage. They did nothing to my lens. The repair certificate was blank and showed $0.00 charges.

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Colin Smith

Yeah, that's been my concern. I have a 24-105 F4 L IS with some dust specs and a stack of Free Clean & Check coupons. But assumed I'd be wasting my $ on shipping unless it needed a repair. (The red ring did fall off the front recently but that still doesn't seem to warrant sending in an other-wise well performing lens.)

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