If Nikon doesn't get their act together on DX...

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Re: Maybe wrong on three counts...

FrankG wrote:

JimPearce wrote:

Of course Nikon caters to 1% of customers - the D4 being a case in point. And the 800 f5.6 VR caters to a lot less than 1%. Well, I'd like to continue shooting birds with my 500 f4 on a DX camera. What the heck, it's a 750mm f5.6 FX equivalent, and a pound and a half lighter! As it happens, I can afford a D4 and 800 f5.6 VR combination. Throw in the tripod and we're talking $25,000 before tax. But wait, now my 300 f2.8 is too short for birds in flight! Add $8,000 for a new 500 f4 VR. Let's assume that selling my current equipment will cover moving my shorter lenses to the optimum choices for FX and a backup body (unlikely). So add $4000 in taxes, and I'm all upgraded for $37,000. In reality, probably more like $40,000. All because Nikon won't provide the sub $2,000 DX camera I want? I just might do this, but only when it's clear that the D400 isn't coming.

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Or you could get a new D800/800E and get 5fps in either DX or 1.2x crop mode.

Add the grip and get 6fps. That's as fast as the original D300.

Without the grip the camera is significantly lighter and less bulky than either the D4 or the 1DX, and with the grip is no worse. The D800 AF is an evolution of the D3/D300/300s system and is at least as good, better in that it offers upto F8 sensitivity.

That sounds like a minor investment compared to the money you are talking of throwing around.

D300 is 8fps with grip and it uses the full viewfinder.  So, you're recommending that one spend almost double what a D300 costs to buy a D800 that goes less fps and has a significantly smaller DX crop viewfinder?  That doesn't smell like a clean upgrade to me.  Yeah, it's better or more flexible in some ways, but not as good in others.  I'm personally waiting for something that's an actual upgrade in all regards relative to my action photography.

P.S. I've rented a D800 and shot several soccer games with it with my 200-400 f/4 attached and I was not impressed as a replacement for my D300 for shooting soccer (I shoot 20-30 soccer games a year).  I'm waiting for something more suitable.

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