Digital ePaper photo frame

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Re: Digital ePaper photo frame

Zone8 wrote:

ddushko wrote: As I said above I wanted to use my Kindle as a BW album.

That was one reason I opted for an Android tablet (1Gb CPU, 512MB RAM) rather than the very limited Kindle.

Yes, I agree that a tablet is much more capable for this. However, from my post it does not get really clear, I already had the Kindle. I mean when I was out to buy a book reader, a tablet was not an option for me. I simply wanted a dedicated device. Yes, its limited and does only few things but it does them good. A tablet is much more open and can be used for many more things, but as a book reader... IMHO a dedicated e-book reader is better. So, I simply had the Kindle and would have been very happy to be able to show or to enjoy some pics on this paper like looking screen. Sorry to say it again but for the moment I am not able to do it...


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