wireless flash on NEX 7

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Re: wireless flash on NEX 7

LifeIsAVerb wrote:

To further add to the confusion, there is this on the Sony site (Compact External Flash):

"Wireless flash trigger function (DSLR-A900 only); When teamed with the α900, the HVL-F20AM can also be used to trigger wireless flash setups. Please note, however, that this functionality is only available with DSLR-A900, and does not include luminosity ratio control."

If it's simply an optical/infrared firing mechanism, why wouldn't it work on all cameras?


Here (Minolta/Konica Minolta/Sony Alpha flashes),

for the Sony Alpha HVL-F20AM, under "comments," it notes: "wireless control only with α850, α900, α65, α77 and NEX-7."

Lots of folks seem confused about all this…

Topic: triggering wireless flashes w/HVL-F20AM?

Wireless flash triggers

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