D5200 looks dam impressive!

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Tom May Senior Member • Posts: 1,676
Re: Im starting to think....

The D3200 which I purchased is a pretty decent entry level camera, and that's what I wanted for landscapes, but it is missing the 14 bit A/D conversion that the D5200 gains from the D5100 so it loses a bit of IQ. Throw in the improved Toshiba imager for the D5200 and it does appear to be a resolution benefit without much if any compromise in IQ. Put it another way; I don't think there is the same resistance to 24MP in the d5200 as there was with the release of the D3200, on these forums anyways. Features of course is a separate issue.

Otherwise, a 50 percent increase in resolution over the the D7000 for both the D3200 and D5200, but it seems that the D5200 hits very close to the IQ of the D7000. Certainly rates some enthusiasm, and if in fact the D7XXX rumored to appear in spring uses this same imager, I don't think there will be too much complaining.

I still hold out for a D300 replacement with yet another improved 24MP imager that improves sensitivity over that of the Toshiba imager of the D5200; that would probably satisfy all of the D7000/D300 users as far as upgrading concerns. I don't need one as of yet, but it would be nice to have that option for the future.

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