Museum Views with E-M5 and that "slow" 12-50 kit lens

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Re: Museum Views with E-M5 and that "slow" 12-50 kit lens

idiotekniQues wrote:

Chuck Eklund wrote:

Very nice series. You are right, the 12-50 is an excellent kit lens. Maybe some of us were expecting a reincarnation of the 12-60 and it is a tick or two off that lens. However, it does have an ability that the 12-60 doesn't.

i still don't think you can say it's an excellent kit lens. it's decent.

love the oly's high ISO ability but would still much rather shoot a couple of stops lower if possible - there is still a noticeable difference in IQ at 400 vs 1600, as well as sharpness wide open is average, which is where you will be most of the time due to it being slow at anything besides it's widest angles.

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I would agree that in comparison to other lenses the 12-50 is not excellent, however, in comparison to other kit lenses to me it seems excellent. I think your description of it as decent compared to other lenses I would agree with.

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