Getting best Dynamic Range with OMD.

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Hope springs eternal, Re: Getting best Dynamic Range with OMD

BushmanOrig wrote:


Must say I was amused when reading the D90 never gave DR problems and the E-M5 is not shaping.....

In comparison the D90 uses a ancient sensor with significantly less capability when compared to the E-M5.....saying it differently....if you manage with the D90 then the E-M5 should be really exciting for you....

Nothing wrong with the its time maybe one of the its really part of yesterdays great ones....

My advice is start with what ever settings you have set in the E-M5....things like sharpness -1....saturation this and the other that and cancel all....

See the article I wrote on basic E-M5 settings on the Photography is Fun website plus the article I wrote on how to use the histogram on the E-M5.

I'm new to this and trying to find me way through micro4/3 land with my new OM-D.

So far, I've read the OM-D manual until my eyes crossed, tried out the suggested settings in the excellent how to get the most out of article on this site and looked at the several recommended/ linked sites here. I'm not making much progress, e.g., the discussion of the 'blinkies' in this post is moot because no setting I've tried shows them at all.

Now I will try the setup you suggest in your article. But in advance, the notion that the D90 is less 'capable' than the OM-D cannot be supported by my experience.

I traded up from a Pentax K20 to the D90 16-85 system and got what I hoped for; now I've gone  to the OM-D 12-50 with equally high hopes. As a machine for taking photographs easily and well, however, to this point the D90 is superior in several aspects to the OM-D.

The Olympus may eventually be more capable... if I can even fight my way through the most frustrating, opaque and gratuitously complex process I've ever run into.

If your setup gives me the OM-D I hoped for when I switched from Nikon, I will post that along with some samples. And thank you for your help. If not, I will say that as well. I hope for the best...

If you new to the E-M5 its a good idea to shoot in the mornings and afternoons and not over lunch. When clouds you might get into a situation where you might loose some highlight detail in the clouds..... Highlight details means those parts over exposed will turn clouds thats not too difficult to manage....

Worse case you could use SAT to trim down DR or you could use the curves function to trim down highlights and up shadows if needed.....

Finally shoor RAW and edit in will be amazed what you can pull out an image.....

Most important is you need to show us examples......I love to see these DR images....



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