wireless flash on NEX 7

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Re: wireless flash on NEX 7

LifeIsAVerb wrote:

According to my understanding of these things, you seem to be conflating things.

Optical means visual. Thus, optical firing methods involve visible light. Any remote flash—even those without built-in optical sensors—can be fired by the light emitted by a camera-fired flash if the remote flash is connected to an optical slave unit. The slave has a little sensor, and a socket into which the flash cord plugs. When the slave sensor receives a flash of light, it generates an electrical pulse and sends it to the flash. The sensor will pick up bounced light from the trigger flash, so it is not necessary that the trigger flash and target flash be in a direct line of sight with each other.

Infrared involves wavelengths out of visible range, so i assume that infrared firing technology is different, at least in nomenclature. I don't think it can be called "optical." And infrared triggering needs to have a direct line of sight from source to target.

You are making things more complicated than it needs to be.

The whole system is based on light sensor.

And most light sensors are sensitive to both visible light and infrared light - and that's why your camera light sensor needs an IR blocking filter.    So the wireless flash would work just fine whether you use visible light or infrared light, as long as the light sensor can see the signal and the trigger.

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